Generate structure and quantum input

Generate a .xyz file, a Gaussian .com input file and a submission script ”.pbs” for C60 by running  "C60" -b BuildingBlocks  -r 1

this creates the file:


which is just a file containing the Cartesian coordinates of a C60 molecule. You can view with your favorite viewer. The -r option is set to 1 to generate a single molecule rather than an oligomer. The Gaussian input file based on “” is:


And the pbs submission script file based on donoracceptor.pbs.template is:


Generate topology files

The .xyz file is read in to get the atomic positions and atom types, and a .itp file “conj.itp” is read in to get a set of reference Force Field parameters. The conj.itp file contains parameters from the OPLSaa force-field that is included in the GROMACS release.

For LAMMPS input generation run  --in_itp conj.itp
  --in_xyz  mols/C60/
  --out_data  mols/C60/

This creates the .data formated LAMMPS input file:


And input files for a GROMACS run are generated --in_itp conj.itp
   --in_xyz  mols/C60/
   --out_gro mols/C60/acc1_C60_n1.gro
   --out_top mols/C60/
   --out_itp  acc1_C60_n1.itp

This creates the GROMACS input files:


where the .gro file includes the structural information, the .top file is the connectivity file and the new .itp file contains the Force-field parameters for the molecule.


This entire example can be executed by running:

in tools/examples. Needed files and scripts are

  • donoracceptor.pbs.template
  • conj.itp